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Common Chefs, Extraordinary Meals

Welcome to the Common Chef, where 3 friends get together and go to peoples houses and make extraordinary meals. We will even come to your house and cook for you. Take a look at our newest episode then revisit some of our previous episodes in full HD. Make sure to check back often for new and updated videos. Call today to get all the info you need to have The Common Chefs to cook for you next.

Is he a man or merely an urban legend? Is he a hero or just a man with with an iron stomach? No one seems to be sure. But one thing is for certain; Once something is known it can never be unknown. Join The Common Chef as they team up with Landshark’s Pizza Company and embark on an epic quest, a quest for the ages- The Quest for Captain Caleinte! Watch for details on when you can see the premier episode of season 2 of The Common Chef.

While you are anxiously awaiting season 2 of The Common Chef to air, catch up on all of our previous episodes, or watch your favorite episodes again in our Episode Gallery. Here are a couple of our most popular episodes from season 1:

 Cool Off
Cool Off in the Sunshine
 The Burn
Episode 11 - The Burn
 Ode to Fat Albert
Ode to Fat Albert

We are proud and honored to find a new home on Cox channel 4 out of Baton Rouge La. This marks a huge step for us as we continue on this journey that started with a couple guys in a kitchen trying to outdo each other. In our first season we were privileged enough to meet and cook with and for some great people and organizations. Now heading into season 2 the only word to describe how we are feeling is EXCITED!!!