Honey Chicken Grilled Fajita Stuff

Honey Chicken Fajitas

Honey Chicken Fajita Thingies

One of the coolest things about being a common chef is the ability to look at to cupboard and come up with an awesome dish that keeps folks coming back for more. This happened last night. I had about 2 pounds of chicken breast and my lady asked me what I was thinking about making. After observing my repertoire of spices and sauces (even though I already know what I have….it’s always fun to look all over again), I thought about that fancy dancy grill on the porch and then my mind unlocked a fabulous concept. After making the dish I can honestly say that only one thing could improve it and you must already know what that is….Bacon!

So anyway, this would be an incredible start for a fajita dish but there were no tortillas last eve so this is how it rolled. Let’s call it: Fancy Dancy Grilled Chicken (Feeds 2 and a half)

2 pounds chicken
1 Red Pepper
Half an Onion
Minced Garlic (As much or as little as you like – I like a lot)
1 Apple

Seasonings Used:

Sriracha (Was there any doubt?)
Olive Oil – 2 Oz.
Honey – 2 Oz.
Teriyaki Glaze – 2 Oz.
Soy Sauce – 2 Oz.
2 Limes – Freshly Squeezed
Cajun Seasoning – As desired but don’t be shy
Krazy Salt – Same as Cajun seasoning


1. Cut the chicken down into bite sized pieces
2. Julienne the Pepper and Onion
3. Mince the Garlic
4. Cube the Apple into bite sized pieces
5. Put everything into a large bowl and dump in the seasonings and sauces, lime juice.
6. Mix is all around with your hands; make sure everything has good coverage.
7. Now to cook food bites on a grill you’ll need some sort of a basket or pan with slots or holes to put the food on. That’s exactly what you’ll do. Put the food in the basket.
8. Grill at a medium heat. You’ll want to pay close attention to this one because the food at the bottom of the basket will cook and char faster than the food on top. So you’ll need to rotate and move the ingredients around. However, by the nature of things some of the vegetables and apples will caramelize….and that’s just fine. Enjoy!

Honey Chicken Fajitas

Imagine this with some Jalapeno's

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