A Mahi Experiment

Blackened Mahi

Topped with Fresh Homemade Salsa

Served over Veggie Risotto


So on this particular evening I had a lot of fresh vegetables purchased from the Ocala Farm Market and I wanted to get creative…..what a surprise right! I happened to have some Mahi filets on hand and fish is always a hit in my house (even with the kids). I wanted a very fresh flavor so I decided to make a simple homemade salsa consisting of fresh tomato, vidalia onion, bell pepper, garlic, and a little bit of lime. I minced each ingredient, threw it all together in the food processor and pulsed it lightly to get a smoother texture (normally I like my salsa chunky, but that’s when I’m eating it with chips….not topping some fish with it).

I also had some yellow squash from the market too, so I decided to try using it to flavor some risotto. Since squash by itself doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor, I added some yellow bell pepper as I pureed it. Using vegetable puree in risotto gives extra depth of flavor and can create some nice color contrasts for you plate as well (plus I get my son to eat veggies he otherwise wouldn’t eat!).

While the risotto was cooking down I treated the Mahi filets with a blend of herbs and spices I threw together to blacken them up. At my house we L O V E some blackened seafood! Mmmm..Mmmm..Mmmm! Just mix together any spice combo you like and apply a generous coating to anything you want blackened. I used black pepper, cayenne pepper, dried garlic, kosher salt, thyme and crushed red pepper for this one. After I blended them well I coated the filets and seared them in a hot pan with a little bit of olive oil. I then transferred them to a glass baking dish to finish them off in the broiler. Just be sure to sear fast in a hot pan and don’t overcook them in the broiler. Depending on the cut of fish they should only take about 7 or 8 minutes tops. There’s nothing worse than dry fish…..

While the filets were broiling I threw the salsa into a saucepan and just heated it so it was nice and warm to top off the fish. I finished the risotto with a little Parmesan cheese, plated it, placed a filet on top and spooned some of the warm salsa over the fish.

This ended up being an absolutely delicious meal. My son wouldn’t eat it with the salsa, but little did he know he was eating squash and peppers in the risotto! HA!

Definitely one I will do again. Maybe next time I’ll try it with some sea scallops…….

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