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A Cooking Guide For Those Who Are Just Average Individuals, But Like Good Eats.

So what does an average guy who has never taken a cooking class in his life have to say about great food? Good question, glad you asked. It’s simple. We all need food to survive, except for that Indian guru who hasn’t eaten for 72 years. But that can’t be any fun. Some of the most fantastic times that humans have ever had have been around a dinner table. The funny stories, the funnel of ideas, the camaraderie and perhaps the one word that sums it all up is “fellowship”. We’ve all imagined the first soul that discovered fire. What could it have been like when another decided to dangle a piece of meat over that fire? The aroma surely overtook the encampment. Perhaps some abandoned the thought of clubbing a female over the head in order to drag her off into the bushes….as the smell of freshly cooked grub wafted across the cave. All eyes gazing at the delectable morsel of mutton or fish or cow or some sort of dinosaur creature dripping fat and searing over the fire. Yeah….it was one of those moments that changed everything….forever. By the way, this cook book is not for vegetarians.

At any rate, back to the fellowship. Not everyone is into having deep conversations. Not everyone is into solving all the world’s problems. None of us are the same. The point is, most of us like to eat. And most of us like to share time with others. Whatever the conversation and whoever you call friend or loved one, chances are that some of the greatest moments you’ve had with these people is over a meal. For me, there is nothing like having someone take a bite of one of my creations with absolute satisfaction. Most particularly, my young daughter. When she moved out of the chicken nuggets/hotdog stage into trying baked clams, coconut curry or even an out of this world rib-eye it simply inspired me to sculpt my cuisine skills to another level. It was no longer about what I liked, solely, but about what I liked to make for my friends and family. The joy of preparing a meal along with the joy of sharing that meal with others is surely one of the foundations of society as a whole.

To answer your original question – what does a guy who has never taken a cooking class in his life have to say about cooking? He says that it is about creativity, joy, love, hope, fun, laughter, communion and all good things that culminate in building lifelong bonds with people he cares about. The bonus is triumphantly delicious cuisine and all the satisfaction that comes with preparing it. It is my hope that these recipes find a place in your home and in the hearts of those you love. Keep in mind, I am untrained and all of these recipes are meant to be conceptual. A simple guide. The true joy for you will be to find your own version of them. I’ve found that cooking is part know how, part experiment and part execution. When I first started there was no, know how. Only experiment. In that process there was a lot of failure. However, if you have a bit of know how….the experiment is where you find the sweet spot. One of my fellow common chefs and I have a saying when we cook together, “Something that has never been done before”. It doesn’t mean that no one has ever used fresh squeezed orange juice and brown sugar in a pork dish before, it means….where is the twist that I can add to make it my own. That is what I hope you discover with any of my humble recipes, the idea that you can make it your own. You can make anything your own when it comes to cooking. Bon Appetite!