Alex Wilburn

First I want to thank all of the fans out there that have enjoyed watching The Common Chef, and for giving me the opportunity to become a part of a great show!

I’m a native Floridian and pretty much grew up right here in Ocala. My Parents, Mack and Sally used to own the Pill Box Pharmacy on 17th st. I went to 8st elementary, Osceola, and Forest High school. I was raised going out to eat at all the great restaurants that are and have been lucky enough to call Ocala their home.

My father is a food lover and still today I will catch him driving off to some small town he heard about so that he can get a taste of what he hears is “The best they’ve ever had” cuisine. My mother comes from that long southern tradition of home cooking from the farms of the Carolinas. So my appreciation and first memories of food and cooking are formed from my parents and are the foundation of my philosophy toward cuisine. “Everything is better on a full stomach”.

It was my two siblings that also helped me further my interest and path with food as I got older. Both my sister and I are diabetics, having been so since childhood and it was this part of me that has helped me become more aware of the importance of nutrition and a proper diet in all of our lives. My older brother on the other hand filled me with the desire to see the world and challenged me not to be satisfied with any level of knowledge that I would gain. He too enjoys cooking as a hobby and I have spent countless dinners with him as he tries to recreate a dinner that he had on one of his exotic business trips.

With the support from all of my family I have had the good fortune to be able to travel the world and live in some remarkable places. In all my travels the first thing I would do is to immerse myself in the local cuisine scene, as a way to better understand the people. As they say “We are what we eat”.

I have also been lucky enough to peruse a career in the entertainment business as an actor and what better way to become an expert in the food and restaurant trade. I cut my teeth in the food world right here in Ocala waiting tables for charity pancake breakfasts at the late Peter Dinkels. As I got older and in college I was a short order cook at a waffle house, from there I bounced around to about every restaurant you can name.

My worldly travels have also allowed me to branch out to other aspects of cooking and food that I feel sets me apart from others on the show. I spent many years dealing with coffee and other exotic food imports and I hope to bring some of the experience and knowledge to the show. Finally I do like a good drink and I know that I am in good company with PC and Chris when in come to the area of libations!

As to how I became associated with the show, well it’s a short story that involves me, Chris Brack, a few alligators and a game we called “South American Refugees”, but you have to tune in to hear more about that one. Seriously though I met Chris back in 1999 when we work out at Silver Springs together. It was one of the best times of my life. Quickly I found in Chris what every guy is looking for, a partner in crime. Not in the literal sense! We became fast friends and spent years bouncing ideas off of one another and each helping the other follow our dreams of creativity. It was Chris that introduced me to PC and again lightning stuck as two minds that think alike were once again brought together. I was lucky enough to help out on a few projects with The Common Chef and now here I am!

So sit back and enjoy the show! I promise that you will have a great time. Why? Because we do! Thank again to all of you who watch the show and give us your support!

Good food, Good friends, Good times!