Baked Salmon With A Delicate Curry Vegetable Sauce

My sweetie asked me to make salmon again…so I did. I thought about the many ways to make salmon and decided on baked salmon. But I wanted some vegetables and thought about a sauce. The end result is some sort of fusion concept and extremely tasty. First step was to decide how to bake the salmon. Started off with…some salmon in a casserole dish, believe it or not. Then added some freshly squeezed orange juice with a few sliced onions. Picked some fresh rosemary from the garden and added a few light seasonings to the top of the salmon and a few itty bitty dashes of soy sauce. Added the rosemary and baked it. Here is a picture of the salmon before baking it. Already looks awesome.

Rosemary and Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Salmon

Next I made a very delicate curry sauce and lightly stewed veggies. Squash, mushrooms, red and green peppers, some onions and garlic made the medley. The curry sauce was a combination of soy, fish sauce, pineapple infused vineger and a bit of sugar at the base and then added a bit of coconut milk and a teaspoon of red curry flavoring. Lightly seasoned but heavy in flavor.

After the salmon was done baking I poured a small ladle of that curry over the top of the salmon. She said, “You’re going to make me this again…SOON!” I said, “Only if you get lucky.”

Baked Salmon with Rosemary Vegetable Red Curry Baked Salmon with Curry Sauce


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