Chicken Noodle Soup for the Belly

This past weekend was a different one indeed. I had a sick young’un on my hands and at the risk of sounding like a horrible parent, I enjoyed it. My lil one is at that stage of learning self reliance and growing up. That all changes during sick days; she transforms from the independent affection shedding kid to the cuddly lil one I miss so much.

So what is a Common Chef to do…. Chicken Noodle Soup BABY!!!!

And as you can tell by my usual posts, my recipes are more of a general guideline. I cook everything by taste and imagination. I won’t ever post something like “Use a teaspoon of salt” or anything like that. We all know what flavors we like and what we would like to try. Get out there and twist something to your own taste and preference.

I started out by getting my stock going. I used a carton of chicken stock and got the carrots and potatoes going. I did boil some chicken in the stock to enhance the chickeny flavor.  As the base was on a slow simmer I started cooking the main chicken.

This chicken was going to pan seared using some spices and marinade. This gave the soup a real unique flavor and texture other than the standard boiled chicken. Once the chicken was cooked I added a cup of water to the pan with the chicken and brought it to a boil.

After boil was achieved, I added in the noodles to cook and soak up the juices, spice and marinade flavors. After about 20 minutes, I added this to the stock and veggies and let them meld on a slow simmer for 30 minutes.

Served with a grilled cheese sandwich made with sharp cheddar and pepper jack  this was a dinner that was delicious and brought the spirits up and made everyone feel much better…..

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