Bacon and Bacon Stuff

First of all Bacon. It doesn’t matter how you cook it, grill it, fry, bake…Bacon is simply one of the most awesome things you can pass by your lips. Here are a few simple variations that will impress your friends and loved ones.

1. Easy Japanesey – Cut your bacon into half inch squares and fry it with honey.

2. Grilled recipe called Shazaam!

1 – pound of bacon
1 – 8 oz. jar of Kikkoman Teriyaki Glaze
Many Pistachio Nuts – minced (Amount to your liking)

Lay a row of the thick cut bacon strips in a larger deep dish plate, cover a portion of the Teriyaki Glaze. Repeat process until all bacon is used up. You can stack the strips atop each other. Make sure that all the bacon is good and coated with Teriyaki. Let sit for 45 minutes to an hour. Then Grill it. The Teriyaki is going to want to burn so find the sweet spot on your grill flame to make sure it isn’t licking the bacon. After the bacon is cooked up crispy, place each strip on a cookie sheet a half inch apart. Generously cover each piece with minced nuts of your choice, I like pistachios. Then broil for about 5 minutes. There you have it….Shazaam!