Oh Boy! This ain’t no Boy-r-dee!

Creating Something New

This past Saturday (6/11/11) I became inspired to try something I had not done before. I wanted to make pan fried ravioli. So my wife and I went to our local Publix Super Market and wandered around, picking up some necessaries for the house and in my true fashion, deciding as I went what would go into my dish.

I ended up creating a recipe that I am very proud of. It tasted amazing and looks darn pretty on the plate too. Plating has never been my forte. I can make a killer meal, but I have never accomplished putting together a plate that I would consider a visual masterpiece….until now.

Eventually after I have this perfected I will be posting the recipe on my page, but for now I wanted everyone to have a look and be enticed. Enjoy…..I hope your mouth waters at the sight!

My Ravioli

Pan fried ravioli stuffed with Italian sausage, sauteed vegetable & tomato compote, mozzarella/parmesan/asiago cheese.

Topped with sauteed vegetable & tomato compote, green onion & parmesan cheese.

Sriracha garnish.

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