Operation Delicious – Episode 7

Episode 7 “Operation Delicious” is an episode that should not be missed, and not just for the bacon infused and bacon wrapped ham. In this episode we had the honor to cook for the founders of Operation Shoebox, a couple veterans and their families. For some who may not know, Operation Shoebox fills (you guessed it…) shoeboxes with small comforts from home. Please check out www.operationshoebox.com for more information. We started the meal with an awesome cheese dip served in a bread bowl. We roasted a fruit stuffed turkey then took the carrots, potatoes, onions and that roasted under the turkey and made a delicious gravy out of it. The bacon infused, bacon and pineapple wrapped ham was a huge hit. We then glazed the top of the ham with a rum, pineapple and brown sugar glaze. This was a meal worthy of serving to our heroes. Just take a look at the menu….

  • Homemade fondue served in a bread bowl
  • Fruit stuffed roasted turkey
  • Rum and Pineapple glazed ham with bacon delicately threaded through the middle
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Gravy made from the roasted onions, carrots and potatoes that roasted under the turkey
  • Green bean stir fry with mushrooms, peppers, spices and bacon
  • Apple pie casserole


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