What’s In Your Food?!

Research What You Eat!

The video I’ve linked to below is an eye opening piece about one of the “processes” used to make substandard meat products more appealing, and able to be sold for higher profits. No concern is put into what the “processes” might do to us, nor does the FDA or USDA require labeling of such ingredients, because they say they aren’t ingredients at all, but they are instead “processes”, hence my using the word in quotations. Watch the video, and then realize that this is just a TINY part of what is going on with our food.

Meat Glue

Additionally, Jamie Oliver recently discussed on his show “Food Revolution” what he calls “pink slime” another product, put through a “process” to turn waste parts of the cow after butchering (that would normally be used for dog food) into an accepted “thinner” or “filler” product added to make ground beef stretch further…..to raise profits. As Jamie said in the show “Can you imagine being an accountant and realizing you’ve just figured a way to take something that would have been sold for nothing for dog food, and greatly increasing your profits by turning it into something to be sold for children’s food [sic].”

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Maybe LA Was A Big Mistake”

(The relevant part is at the 11:00 minute mark)

Just a little something to think about the next time your order fast food or have your kids eat the school lunch.




  1. Bill Hicks says:

    Is that what they call a meal that will stick to your ribs?????

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