Sirloin and Taters and Peppers OH My…..


Man this dish was so good, I am still kicking myself for not making more. I was in a pan frying mood this particular night and feeling a bit of the creative side.

I started off by sautéing my garlic and onions up in some olive oil. I just love the way that little beginning makes the kitchen smell so delicious.

Then I added in the potatoes. I cut them pretty small so they would cook evenly (and quicker). With the potatoes going, I added in the peppers and started to season the dish. I used some worsteshire, krazy salt and some everglades seasoning along with some fresh flat leaf parsley. Another sprinkle of olive oil and a couple flips in the sauté pan and I was ready to toss in the steak.

I marinated the steak is a little olive oil, Italian dressing and my favorite spiced rum for 2 hours. While it was marinating, I would gently massage the meat. This helps to break down fibers to tenderize and helps get the marinade flavor into the meat. A couple minutes on each side and I was ready to eat.


  1. sean odonnell says:

    hey you have to let me get on your show and cook up some quesodilla

  2. That would be great, We have a recipe contest going on right now, submit yours……. How have you been Sean?

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