The Bacony-est Ham of All Time!

Bacon Wrapped HamThe Holidays are fast approaching and while not all of the good folks in our society indulge in ham recipes, this one is sure to delight those of us who love the scent of a perfectly cooked ham as the aroma wafts about the kitchen. We made this hame in Episode 7 of The Common Chef and it still remains one of our absolute favorite dishes of all time!

All of us do love to eat good food. Except those who go on a hunger strike. But for the most part it is safe to say that when a massive Holiday meal is being placed out our eyes begin to bulge and our mouths begin to tighten around the watering effect that starts to take place. A feast that brings good friends and family together is, perhaps, one of the most special occasions we have. It brings a generous amount of joy and laughter to those who we wish to make happy the most.

Here is a surefire recipe for ham that will bring a bacon lover to their knees. It’s a bacon stuffed, honey infused ham, wrapped with more bacon and topped with pineapple slices and coated with a pineapple, rum, honey, brown sugar glaze.

Here is what you’ll need:

1 large ham
1 pound of bacon
1 Pineapple
24 ounces of Rum (we used Captain Morgan)
30 ounces of honey
15 ounces of brown sugar

Place the ham on a large cooking sheet. The goal is the thread the ham with whole strips of thick cut bacon. Put your bacon in a bowl and cover it with 15 ounces of honey. Make sure the bacon is coated well with honey. Take a large chef knife and run it through a center point of the ham. The knife will act as a guide for threading the bacon through the center of the ham. We used a lard needle to bring the bacon through the ham; if you do not have a lard needle…you’ll have to make do with your fingers etc…

Repeat this process until you have managed to thread at least a half-pound of honey coated bacon strips through your ham.

Next, wrap the rest of the bacon around the top of the ham using toothpicks to hold it in place. Take pineapple slices and stick them onto the toothpicks, covering the bacon.

In a saucepan heat the rum, pineapple chunks, rest of the hone and brown sugar until the mixture is cohesive (30 minutes on a medium heat).

Baste the top of the ham/bacon/pineapples with this mixture. Put the ham in the oven to cook at 400 degrees for several hours. The amount of time will depend on the size of your ham. Every 30 to 40 minutes, take the ham out and continue to baste with the rum mixture. Continue to heat the rum mixture on a low heat the entire time you are baking the ham. Enjoy!

Bacon wrapped ham


  1. Catherine Melvin says:

    I made this ham recipe for Thanksgiving today! Mine was already cooked and spiral cut, but I had enough of everything to make it.. and let me tell you, it was the BEST ham I’ve ever had or made! I’m SO sharing this recipe with family, and thanks for making it so easy to follow!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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