What a New Year

We are almost two weeks into the New Year. I am finally getting around to posting the recipe that changed the world from that night. We made several things, but nothing topped the “rotissified” chicken. You guessed it, we took a whole chicken and then used the rotisserie attachment on me grill to make this amazing dish.

Any meat slow cooked is fantastic. The key to this dish was the baste itself. Started off with a healthy portion of Jack Daniels, then added brown sugar, chili garlic, honey, freshly chopped oregano and rosemary, added some of my favorite seasonings and away we went. Rotissified on low for about 3 hours and then basted every 20 minutes or so…basically in between drinks.

The Jack, sugar and honey created a glaze that sealed the fowl air tight and then it crisped the skin like a champ. But before it sealed the juices in the chicken and because of the frequent basting, the flavor of the baste actually cooked directly down into the chicken meat. After the skin was charred the juicy chicken just absorbed the glaze for a few hours. It was truly a great way to go.

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